School of Social Sciences and Humanities was established according to Decision No. 1067 dated June 16 2009 of the principle of Can Tho University on the basis of human resource officers mostly from the School of Education, Learning Resource Center and the other agencies in the university.
Since establishing, school was responsible for management five majors including:

  1. Bachelor of English
  2. Bachelor of English Interpretation – Translation
  3. Bachelor of Tourism
  4. Bachelor of Literature
  5. Bachelor of Library and Information Management 

Starting from 2010, the school officially offered Bachelor of French and 01 linking major Library and Information.
The school was also responsible for one post-graduate program: Vietnamese Literature. 



-     Regular Higher Education
From the April 2015, Department of English and Department of French were separated to School of Foreign Languages. The School remains 4 undergraduate majors:
Vietnam Studies (tour guide) Literature
Information Studies Sociology

Training Objectives:

Training Scientific graduates have fully virtue, knowledge, and professional capacity; have ability of self-learning, self-studying or participating in research; have the ability to communicate confidently effectively, ability to effectively apply the theoretical basis of the major into practice.

-     Post-graduate education: Master Degree in Vietnamese Literature
The Master Degree in Vietnamese Literature would fundamentally equip students with the advanced knowledge and depth of Vietnamese Literature (both two parts: folklore and literary writing) in terms of: literary theory, history of literature, influence and interaction with the world literature, features of content and poetics, genre issues, developing rules, the languages of literature through the ages, stages, etc

Knowledge is provided with research methods shown in the modules help enhance and uncover the ability to detect and study the students to the problems posed by Vietnamese literature in the past to the present.

Improving the knowledge and the ability to practice in research, teaching Vietnamese literature and general literature, contributing to train the scientific staff with high qualifications; having political quality, virtue, consciousness to serve for society,  ability self-study or cooperation with the group to study the deep issues of Vietnamese literature;  can  undertake  the  study  of  literature  in  the  institute  research  center  or teaching literature at the Colleges, the Universities; having the chance and quality to study PhD in the appropriate major such as Vietnamese Literature, Literary Theory, Linguistics, Foreign Literature, Han-Nom… meet the development science of the country, especially the provinces in the Mekong Delta. 




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School Of Social Sciences And Humanities


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