Scientific Research activities play an important role in School of Social Sciences and Humanities to enhance the professional capacity of the school staff and contribute to the development of Social Economy of Mekong Delta as well as the country in the industrialization, modernization and international integration. 


Scientific research subjects: Since establishment in 2009 to present, School has realized, check and take over a lot of Minister level subjects, Province/City level subjects, University level subjects and the subjects of international cooperation. School will actively continuously research and register in the next years.

Scientific information: There are many scientific articles published in scientific journals, presentations at scientific conferences in the country and in the world. School has compiled the monographs and textbook to teaching the majors about social sciences and humanities.

Scientific seminar at the Department: Each year the department registers to report about tens seminar and there have been a lot of seminar reports which have realized at the department.

Other scientific activities: School has participated in the board of confirming and accepting the scientific research subjects about the field of social sciences and humanities in the Department of Science and Technology of the cities/provinces in the Mekong Delta. PhD and Master students are guided to realize the research subjects to complete the PhD dissertations and Master theses about social sciences and humanities. School gives advice, criticizes the subjects, projects, scientific and technical programs related to the social sciences and humanities issues.


School Of Social Sciences And Humanities


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