Department of Vietnamese Linguistics and Literature belonged to School of Social Sciences and Humanities which was established in 2009 based on separation from Department of Vietnamese Literature belonged to School of Education.

Department’s teaching staffs were masters, doctors who had teaching experience, scientific research.
All the staff was enthusiastic, active, always approached to modern knowledge, as new teaching method at home and abroad in order to response exactly and timely vocational training requirement for the Mekong Delta in particular and country in general.
- Scientific research: Teaching staffs have practiced or participated in some social sciences and humanities studies.
-  Training: Bachelor of Vietnamese Literature and Master of Vietnamese Literature.



Training major:

  1. Full time university majored Literature(Code: D220330)
    Study time: 4 years;
    -   Training goal: Training bachelors in full of moral qualities, knowledge, professional ability in Vietnamese linguistics and literature, self-study ability, self-research or participating in fields of culture, linguistics, literature issues; having opportunities and capacity to upgrade their degrees such as Master, Doctor in some appropriate major: Linguistics Studies, Vietnamese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literary Theory, Hán – Nôm, etc.
    Career opportunities: Graduate students can work in social cultural activity organizations, offices such as: Service of culture and information, libraries, radio – television stations, museums, offices, service delivery offices; work in some education management offices as: Department/ Office of Education and Training, teaching literature at high schools, universities, colleges (if Teaching Certificate required)…
  2. Graduate majored Vietnamese Literature
    Graduate majored Vietnamese Literature basically provides students with deep knowledge of Vietnamese literature (both folklore and written literature) in respects: Literary theory, literary history, effects and exchange foreign literature, content characteristics and poetics, types, development rules, literary languages in time periods,…etc.
    Provided knowledge as well as study methods show in sections enhance and open abilities to explore, study of students with the issues of Vietnamese literature in the past and now.
    Improving knowledge and practical skills in research, teaching Vietnamese literature and literature in general, contribute to train scientific staffs to have high profession, political qualities, virtues, social awareness, independent research ability or co-operating with research group to know deep issues of Vietnamese literature; undertake research work literature in institutions, research centers or teaching literature in universities, colleges; have chances and capacity to study higher education doctoral degree in appropriate majors as: Vietnamese Literature, Linguistics Studies, Foreign Literature, Hán – Nôm… in response to the development of sciences in our country, especially in the Mekong Delta.


Department of Vietnamese Linguistics and Literature 
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