Department of History - Geography - Tourism belongs to School of Social Sciences and Humanities, which was found in 2009 based on separation from Department of Geography and Tourism which belonged to School of Education. The majorities of Department’s staffs, lecturers are young and work with all their hearts. They have teaching experiences and scientific research, especially the richness of real experience. Department’s teaching staffs have Master and Doctor Degrees which are formal training inside and outside the country. All the staffs, lecturers are enthusiasm, active; they always approach to modern knowledge, as new teaching methods at home and abroad in order to response exactly and timely vocational training requirements for the Mekong Delta in particular and the country in general.

Training: Bachelor of Science in Vietnam Studies (Tour guide)

Scientific research: has practiced highly efficient. Department participated in some social sciences and humanities studies.

Extra-curricular activities – Tourism Club: Tourism club of Department of Tourism belonged to School of Social Sciences and Humanities is the form which gather students in study activities, scientific research and entertainment related to profession, tour guide transaction.



Vietnam Studies

Major’s code

Test group

Training time

Accepted marks - 2014

First choice

Second choice


C, D1

4 years

C: 25 - D1:25

C:  - D1:

Training goal: Bachelor of Science in Vietnam Studies (Tour guide) belonged to Department of History – Geography - Tourism, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Can Tho University would achieve some training goals below:

  • Grasping the directions, policies and laws of the Party and state on tourism; having steady political position and good moral quality.
  • Having a wide knowledge in tourism, skills of tour guide and ability to apply creativity into real works; having ability to work independently and adapt well with the changes of market economy.
  • Having ability to communicate in foreign languages and apply advanced technology in work.
  • Having deeply national pride, contribute to advertise the country and people in Vietnam to the world through some tour guide activities.

Career opportunities: Bachelors of Vietnam Studies are equipped with foundation knowledge, professional skills of tourism and diplomatic ability. After graduation, students can work well as tour guides in the international or domestic travel agencies. In addition, students can undertake some jobs which relates to tourism such as: exploitation and development tourism market planner, event planner, designing and operating domestic and international tours, some professional activities in hotels; diplomatic agencies, representative bodies, offices of trading, governmental and non-governmental organizations in domestic and international. Students are fully equipped with abilities to establish, manage and operate tourist companies…At the same time, after graduation, students can go on to upgrade qualification to master, doctor , take part in scientific researches and teach in universities, colleges and middle schools of tourism or some social sciences and humanities major related.


Department of History - Geography - Tourism 
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