According to website Sociology ranked 8th in the best ten jobs in USA. What charm of Sociology is? Peter Berger – the famous sociologist of 20th century: “The charm of Sociology is the way to explain the problems which make us see the world we have lived under a new light. We can say the first erudition of Sociology is – everything is not as they seem to be”.
American Sociological Association: “Being formal training of Sociology can be the important asset to enter in many kinds of jobs.

Curriculum of Sociology assessment meeting

1. Formation and development:
Sociology Department was found at the same time with School of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2009 on the ground separated from School of Education and Learning Resource Center.
2. Function:
In the provision of training, Department concentrated on 3 fields: theory, methodology and experiment. Although teaching staff was a few, Department would link with research and training Sociology facilities to make the most of knowledge, experience of many experts in this field.
3. Training:
Department completed curriculum of Sociology assessment and opened in 2015.
4. Scientific research and International collaboration:
From establishment till now, Department has been active in scientific research and International collaboration activities. Department has done many projects, scientific research subjects at School levels, Provincial levels and research projects collaborated with foreign partners.
ALEGAMS 2015 Project: Assessing the Learning Effects of Games on Attitude of Stakeholders towards Sustainable Shrimp Farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
IOM 2015 Project: Household survey on planned relocation as adaptation to environmental and climate change in Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta.

Welcoming Malaysian delegation

Welcoming Thailand delegation

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